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In the beginning:

I have written this section to assist other people who may find themselves in my position - the experience of assisting a catastrophically injured person after an accident. I hope that what I have achieved with the assistance of my friends will help them travel the journey through rehabilitation.

The Journey Begins......

It was 27 November 1993 when I learnt that my daughter and her husband had been killed as the result of a car accident and their pre-school sons, Matthew (aged 5), David (aged 3) and Jackson (3 months) had survived.

It was not until later on that fateful day that I learnt that the baby, who was thrown 10 metres from the car, was catastrophically injured. As a result of the accident, Jackson was left deaf, blind and quadriplegic. He spent the next 6 months in hospital, unable to swallow, speak or hear. Days ran into weeks and into months and not a lot seemed to happen. Due to fluid on the brain (hydrocephalus) Jackson underwent surgery to the brain on five occasions for the next two years. Later he had a hip operation and is involved in a daily rehabilitation program.

The Early Days......

Doctor Ric Dunstan, Paediatric Registrar for brain injured children at Sydney Children's Hospital, was one of the first people we met. Doctor Dunstan has taken the journey to rehabilitation with us and has guided us through all levels of Jackson's daily care and rehabilitation.

Helen Wills (Early Intervention Centre, North Rocks) taught me how to play with Jackson and understand his environment. She was my first mentor and her experience has assisted me throughout the journey.

Cathy Murphy came to assist Jackson when he was 2 years old, she has provided great love and is a great advocate of best practice for Jackson's rehabilitation and personal care. Thankyou Cathy.

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