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What Happens If You're a Victim of a Motor Accident?

The Motor Accident Authority (MAA) supervises the NSW Motor Accidents Scheme. The scheme provides compulsory third party personal injury insurance through licensed insurers for motor vehicles registered in NSW, Australia.

The current Green Slip provides compensation for other people injured by your vehicle when you or the person driving your vehicle is the driver at fault in an accident. The Green Slip does not cover you for personal injury if you are the driver at fault and does not cover damage to property or to other vehicles.

The NSW Motor Accidents Compensation Scheme operates using money from the premiums NSW motorists pay for their Green Slip. The money is used for:

  Medical treatment and rehabilitation
  Compensation payments
  Research and education projects that prevent and promote the impact of injuries
  Road safety awareness campaigns

If you are injured in an accident caused by another driver, you can claim against their Green Slip insurance. Please be aware of the following steps:

  Make sure the accident is reported to the Police in writing.
  Identify the vehicle at fault and find out their Green Slip insurer.
  If you know the registration number, contact Roads and Traffic Authority to find out who the vehicle's insurer is.
  Obtain a claim form from that insurer.
  The claim must be lodged as soon as possible and within six months.

Since 15 October 1998, the NSW Motor Accidents Bill has been tabled in Parliament to include attendant care and other important changes. In NSW, the current form of settlement for motor vehicle accidents is a single lump sum. This is satisfactory when the victim is not seriously injured. However, it is not generally appropriate for those accident victims who require lifelong care and attention.

In June 1999, the Motor Accidents Bill underwent massive change. Judie took the opportunity to write to the MAA about the new Motor Accidents Compensation 1999 proposal. She speaks for the victims who are catastrophically injured. The Minister who is responsible for this legislation is the Hon. J. J. Della Bosca (Special Minister of State and Assistant Treasurer). The new Act became law on 30 June 1999 and will be reviewed in two years time.

Click here to direct you to the letter Judie addressed to the Motor Accidents Authority board. You can also click here to view the letter in HTML format.

For more details of the victim's rights and obligations in a motor accident, please click on the following link to redirect you to MAA's Guide for people involved in a motor accident. It will provide the driver and the victim with a comprehensive guide about the Compensation Act and to make a claim for compensation.

You can also contact the Motor Accidents Authority by phone or personally. Their address is Level 22 580 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Contact telephone number is 1300 137 131.

In addition, there are accredited specialists who are experts in personal injury law. If you have any questions about the personal injury law, these specialists will answer your queries and legally represent you. You may also obtain assistance from the NSW Law Society for information about the legal process.

If you have an accident in Australia, you may like to contact Injuries Australia. These wonderful people provide a consumer voice for injury prevention and rehabilitation in Australia.

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