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Kurrumin - My Thoughts...

Most of us are supposed to be mythical, and Mr. or Ms. Average. One of the most unsettling things about some architecture is that it is built for a nonexistent population. Buildings and open spaces often only cater for the physically fit 30 year olds, who are of typical age, height and weight. In fact, there is not many of us who are in that position for very long. Stairs, protruding thresholds, revolving doors and narrow entrances, can turn buildings into frustrating obstacle events.

The aged, parents with prams, wheelchair users, pregnant women, and people with disabilities are challenged daily. Individuals, Governments and architects should all look at making the environment work. Every building that is built in the future should have wheelchair accessibility. We are going to live longer and become older. Over the past centuries, many architects have taken advantage of the ability of human beings to tolerate discomfort, inconvenience and sometimes even danger. Well now is the time to change that. We need now to look at all the individuals who will be using a house, from womb to the tomb, with disability or without, that they can move easily around their homes and public buildings. We do not want barriers between those who can move easily and those who cannot. If we make our homes and public buildings more accessible life will be so much easier.

Transportation and seating are of paramount importance whether it is moving into a vehicle, or a wheelchair. Access should be level and ramped.

Let us globally consider the challenge of disability and ageing. We all need to recognise our responsibilities to the needs of all citizens and I applaud Lend Lease and the work that they are doing in design, to break down the barriers of a user unfriendly environment. I would like to thank all the people who have been a part of Kurrumin’s design, planning and building, and those who make this such a special place by sharing Kurrumin with us.

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