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Kurrumin - The Move

We (Jackson and I, along with our "extended family": Jacksonís budgie Prettyboy (given to him by his girlfriend Emma), our dog Samantha, and Davidís cat Simba) moved to our new home on Saturday, 27 June 1998, and was that a challenge! The painting wasnít completed, the carpet wasnít down, there were no window furnishings. I felt it was time. We had an absolutely wonderful gas heater called Ambience: natural gas, flueless. It was a revolutionary new gas fire that kept us warm through that cold winter and cleaned the air as it burnt. So here we were - then we started. Carpet, painting, window furnishings, and things slowly and systematically fell into place.

With all this happening around us, you might wonder about maintenance. Large houses do require more maintenance. The people that have been the main players here have been Kel Anderson, who designed the walker - he has designed furnishings and assisted us with the maintenance of these things over the years - and Peter Stephens, Jacksonís Grandfather, who comes weekly to play with him and to assist us with what needs to be done.

It is extremely important that people who have disabilities have equipment and housing that works because if a wheelchair or a door or a tap fail, that can cause chaos and confusion, much more than it does for we able bodied people. So once again we are blessed.

What are we doing now? As I said earlier, we are sharing Kurrumin with those that are differently-abled - in particular, children. This is a place where we can all rest and enjoy and recharge our energies for what is ahead.

My world seems now to be involved in Law Reform and, of course most of all, being a part of a family, and my absolute focus is on Jackson and his brothers Matthew and David.

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