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Kurrumin - Thanks...

The Lend Lease and Civil and Civic teams The Lend Lease and Civil and Civic teams worked closely and looked at all aspects of the environment. Windows were placed to catch optimum light and warmth. We can be in any section of the house and there is privacy. Jackson is turned and assisted during the night but this does not disturb others in the home. Clever design provides areas for Jackson to pursue his daily activities, like any little 5 year old boy. We assist with his play, listen to what he wants, attend to his mealtimes, toilet timing, bathing, hydrotherapy. Each section of the house is specifically designed for the right activity. When Jackson is in his hydrotherapy pool, we can observe from the kitchen how he is going with his program - the same applies to his play areas, so Jackson can also have privacy and time to reflect and contemplate.

Those who helped us and deserve a great vote of thanks include Mrs. Helen Lunn of the Royal Blind Society here in Sydney. She and her team worked on systems that would assist the visually impaired at Kurrumin. Then there is Greg Cooper of Cooper’s Pools who has spent many months with me on the design and functionality of our pools. He assists with the maintenance and the ongoing challenges that occur with two pools which are shared by people and which must be kept absolutely sanitized and always available for use.

Security and observation cameras for Jackson and his rehabilitation systems were looked at by ADT and great solutions were reached. Hunter Douglas looked very closely at our blinds and our needs, and they too came up with some great ideas to ensure privacy without sacrificing the light. Of course there was Jean Rosewall, the Environmental Manager from Kogarah Municipal Council, who gave her valued expert advice, ensuring that we considered the environmental aspects.

Our home’s acoustics are brilliant. Music is a very important part of our lives, and Jackson’s preference has turned to classical, especially Mozart, and he loves the 3 Tenors and children's songs and stories.

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