Legal History

This space is designed for promoting the reform of the Motor Accidents Act. It also contains the legal history of Judie and her grandson, Jackson. It is very difficult for those who are injured or lose relatives in a motor accident. Following a motor accident, and depending on the degree of the claimants injuries, victims are often incapable of work and participation in daily activities. The legal system can also be complicated and it needs to be understood correctly, otherwise it can add to the burden of painful memories and the feeling of loss. Since Judie lost her beloved daughter and son-in-law, she has channelled her energies into a determination to reform the Motor Accidents Act. She wants to make sure people receive the right treatment and compensation from the responsible parties so other people do not need to take the same difficult journey.

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Legal History

What happens if you are a victim of a motor accident?

Australian Structured Settlements



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