Jackson's Page

My name is Jackson Paul and I am six next month. I was born on the 17th August, 1993. My Mummy and Daddy died in a car accident when I was three months old. I was taken to hospital and I stayed there for six months. I came home just after my middle brother David’s 4th birthday party at McDonalds.


That was the day they took the tube out of my nose and started feeding me through the mouth. I like this because food is one of my favourite things. Even though I’m almost six they still mash everything and give me thick milk and liquid stuff. I like to drink yoghurt, custard, and runny jellies. Can you imagine having somebody help you lift your spoon and decide when you will eat? I can and when this happens and it's good food I swallow, and when it's not I spit it out and yell!


This year I started big school. I go five days a week to the Alice Betteridge school for kids who are blind and differently abled. It’s cool to be different and my new Mum makes sure I do interesting stuff. Here are some things that I like:


It’s cool to have a doctor – I’ve got lots. The doctors think about medicine a lot because I’m epileptic. You see I got a bang on my head when I was in the car accident, they call me brain-injured. I still have to learn to sit up but I have a walker and I’ll give anyone a race. Try running with your eyes shut – that’s me! Talking is fun when I do it, but I don’t waste words. Usually when I shout I get what I want. Why don’t you try it on your parents and family??? I can make things happen and make everybody race everywhere, simply by yelling at the top of my lungs "Ahhhhhhhh!!!"


People keep telling me what to do. Sometimes I wish they’d just shut up. So instead of running away I just shut my eyes, drop my head and squeak. Of course being a kid I get a bit sick of them fussy grown-ups. They're always talking silly grown-up's talk, it's sooo boring. I wonder if I’ll grow into a fussy grown-up?


My Mum and Dad were pretty good looking and my two big brothers, Matthew and David, are nearly as good looking as me. The sad part of my life is my brothers pig out on lollies, chips, Maccas and junk food and my mother gives me nothing.…any ideas? Matthew made it to the semifinals in soccer and David is an artist and we laugh at lots of funny things together.

You wanna see my art?

Send me yours – my brothers and I can’t wait to see it!

I was six on Tuesday 17th August 1999 and had a great beach party and got lots of presents.

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Jackson Paul ~ July 1999

Sydney Australia