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I'd like to tell you a story, a story which has been a journey for me; at times a very painful and dark journey and at times a very exciting and exhilarating ride. The journey has led me to believe with all my heart that all we need to succeed, to overcome, and to shine in our caring endeavours, is attitude.

Let me tell you how I have discovered that attitude is altitude, and how my loving and working with this philosophy has enhanced my life. It has enriched my life and helped me to cope with the challenges beyond my expectations.

This story really started in November 1993. I was financially secure, having spent 30 years as an investor, then as a life agent and financial planner with Lend Lease. I was 49, living alone with my children grown, married and settled. I was reasonably satisfied with my life and achievements. My child-raising responsibilities were largely behind me.

Then my whole world changed. November 27, 1993, dawned like any other warm Sydney day. But, at 9 a.m., my daughter, Sonya, and her husband, Michael, came to tell me that my eldest daughter, Amanda, had been killed in a car accident. Amanda, her husband, Jay, and their three preschool aged children, were driving north for their annual holiday. Eighty kilometres north of Sydney their journey ended.

We collected ourselves and drove to the hospital. Whilst we were travelling, Jay, my son-in-law died. Matthew and David both survived this terrible crash. Jackson was thrown 10 metres from the car; his tiny distressed cries alerting rescuers of his very existence.

We soon discovered that Jackson had suffered serious head and spinal injuries. The doctor told us he would certainly die and really we should let him go and be with his parents. Only a miracle could save him. I said to this treating doctor, ‘You look after the medical and I'll look after the miracle.’ I didn't know how, but I prayed, I prayed and I prayed.

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